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- Richard Riordan

     Every month we like to take the time to recognize all the excellent services that our contractors provide by a "Give Away" drawing. This allows Top Performers a chance to show case their skilled work and win prizes.

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"After graduating school and being in the service industry for 14 years, I was ready for a change. I am a mother of four and I always wanted to be the mom who was involved with their kids school trips and so forth. So when I found SMSVS through the partnered platform, I was ecstatic! I knew my dreams of being the "field trip" mom were possible. SMSVS not only gave me the convenience of being able to work from home, make my own schedule, but it's also given me the experience I needed for my Business Degree. Thanks SMSVS for making a mom's dreams come true!"

Kari, Tax Client Support Professional

"I am a single mother of 2 girls and decided to partner with SMS Virtual Solutions at the beginning of this year (February 2020). My favorite part about the job is being able to set my own schedule and of course servicing members from the comfort of my home. I learned about this company through an online group and Courtney was one of the first business owners who responded back. She was very helpful and answered all my questions, so of course they are who I chose to partner with on the platform. My experience so far has been great! I enjoy doing phone support part time in my spare time while earning extra cash. This opportunity has changed my life for the better because now I am able to save extra money, pay off debts, and go on vacations more often. I am so grateful to be a part of this team!!!"

Tomarkio, Time Share Client Support Professional


"I am a 74-years-young wife, mother, grandmother and retired Legal Assistant. Although I may have limited physical abilities, there is only so much a person can do at home alone all day (my husband is a young 76 and drives a school bus). I learned about SMS when I was searching for a job that I could do from home. I was very impressed with Courtney and Keith's dedication to their family and their business and felt they would treat me as family, too. I was not mistaken. I was able to choose the client I wanted to work for an thoroughly enjoy interacting with ordinary people every day. Now I can be productive while being at home, helping others on the telephone. This helps time pass and the extra money is definitely a plus. I am so happy with what I am doing, that I talk it up whenever I can - and now my dauther has joined the SMS family too. "

Frances, Mouse Resort & Theme Park Client Support Professional

"This has been a dream come true. I have searched the internet for years trying to do work from home. I had a yard sale in August of 2019 and a customer told me during our casual conversation that she worked from home and gave me a lead on where to look. Courtney and her team have been with me all the way. SMSVS has literally had to lead me through some things. I was not a computer guru, (and still not). They encourage that it can happen and are always there to keep you motivated. I will honestly say the certification process is demanding and you have to be 100% committed to do the best you can. But if I can do it at 60 and out of the work force for 20 years, any one who is willing to excel in life can do it too. Thanks SMSVS for making a dream come true, and for all your support."

Rebecca, Cruise Line Client Support Professional

"I love the flexibility of working from home! As a SAHM of two kids with busy schedules, this opportunity fits exactly what I need to help my family financially as well as provides some adult interaction. I have a heart for customer service and love to help others so this is the perfect fit for me. By partnering with SMS, I have assistance when I need it and someone in my court. I definitely recommend SMS to my friends!"

Ariel, Cruise Line Client Support Professional

"I enjoy working with SMS because I am able to make extra money from the comfort of my own home. The team is willing and always available to assist me. Thank you SMS.

Myriam, Drug Store Client Support Professional

"In any job that I do, even in life, I love to help people. I treat each customer/client as if they were my own family member or friend. I love the quote "Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person." We each have something to give, even if it's just kindness. We may not always get back what we give, but at least we can say we tried. When I registered to use the Platform, I had no idea what to do or choose from. After several weeks of research and looking up reviews, etc, I went with SMS Virtual Solutions. I have been nothing but extremely happy with them. Any time I've had an issue or question, they were right there to help and have ALWAYS had my back. I don't feel like just a "number" with them. Even though we are not actual employees of SMSVS, they still make you feel like you are part of the company. I had previously worked from home before this, but with SMSVS, I don't feel as alone. The owner, Courtney, has always been very kind and helpful to me, as well as the rest of her team. Thank you SMSVS for giving me the opportunity to also be a part of your team!"

Kimberly, BNB Client Support Professional

"My favorite part of my job is being in control of when and how much I work. It is awesome to be able to schedule my job around my life, rather than my life around my job. I learned about SMS through the owner, Courtney. I was totally shocked when my previous owner suddenly passed away. Courtney called me when she heard the news to just check on me. She answered all my questions about transitioning to another company on the same network, she knew all the answers that I had been waiting to here from the platform we use and she invited me to join her team. She also told me that if I choose another service company that would be great as well, she just wanted me to not feel alone during this process. She is kind, understanding, and very knowledgeable. Both Courtney and her team keep us to to date on which clients are hiring and available and what the pay is upfront, there is no waiting around for someone to get back to you. I also love that both SMS & the platform wants you to succeed in your position. There are weekly huddles, recording of the huddles if you miss it, and they have an amazing quality assurance staff that are always willing to meet one on one to explain policy, procedures, and how to instructions that are just not clicking for you. Help is always a chat or phone call away."

Patricia, Cruise Line Client Support Professional

"When I first heard about the Platform and the ability to "Work From Home", like most, I was skeptical. I thought, what is the catch, it can't be as easy as it sounds, can it? Being hesitant to go at it alone, I did some researching for a team I could join and that's when I found SMS Virtual Solutions. Courtney and the rest of the team at SMS are undoubtedly a font of knowledge. They are always going above and beyond to answer any questions I have and ensure I am receiving all of the support needed to be successful. Because of them, this venture has been one of the best working experiences I've had; I would recommend SMS to anyone who is looking for a strong and supportive partner for their journey into earning revenue from the comfort of home."

James, Home Improvement Store Client Support Professional

"I most enjoy helping other's enhance their cruise experience through their interactions with me... I chose to work from home through SMS Virtual Solutions after thoroughly going over the website and having all my initial questions answered right from there. The website is detailed, organized, and provides a wealth of information to potential partners or individuals, from that I knew I wanted to partner with SMS for support services. I enjoy their communications. No matter when it is, they are always there for me when I need questions answered and always check to make sure my questions from other sources are answered as well. My experience has been exceptional. SMS Virtual Solutions has been there with me every step of the way. This is the best company I have ever worked with. They are even available to me outside of normal business hours to make sure everything is running smoothly. They truly care for their customers and the support services they provide. This opportunity has definitely changed my life. It has allowed me to be able to be at home with my children while still providing income for my family and I never miss any family time or school activities."

Requita, Cruise Line Client Support Professional

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