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In order to provide quality call center services, the system and equipment policy suggested below should be met. Having the right equipment is a critical component of successful services. This policy was put together to help ensure individuals are set up to effectively service one, or more, of the great opportunities on your accounts dashboard.​

Unsure if your computer will work? No worries! We can run a PC check on your computer after registering to see if it's compatible with the program(s).

NOTE: Windows 10 and 11 computers are the only compatible PCs that can be used. Chromebook's, Netbooks, Notebooks, and All-in-ones are NOT compatible at this time.

A Dependable Desktop or Laptop Computer:


​Home Telephone/ Land Line NOT required. We are now VOIP compatible meaning all calls will be routed through your computer using an online program. You must have a USB headset with a noise canceling microphone though.​ You can purchase one for as low as $20 on Amazon or at Wal-Mart

​High Speed Internet

  • WIFI is not permitted. Your computer must be plugged into a modem at all times when providing call center services from home. Ethernet Cords can be purchased for as little as $8 on Amazon or at locations such as Wal-Mart.

  • Computers must have USB port(s)


​Dedicated quite space with no interruptions.  

  • Customers should not be able to hear televisions, doorbells, dishes clinging, kids, pets, screaming, etc.


  • Internet Explorer and Chrome Internet Browsers Only

  • Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender Only

Preparation is the key

to success

Before anything else,

- Alexander Graham Bell

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