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"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

- Alexander Graham Bell

     In order to provide quality call center services, the system and equipment policy suggested below should be met. Having the right equipment is a critical component of successful services. Our clients have put this policy together to help ensure individuals are set up to effectively service one, or more, of the great opportunities on your accounts dashboard.​

     We understand that as contractors, it's your responsibility to obtain the schooling and equipment needed to provide services however, we can always recommend items if you're unsure or unable to locate the things requested below- just let us know!

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A Dependable Computer

  • Desktop Preferred although Laptops will work as well.

  • Dual boot machines, Netbooks, and Tablets are prohibited from use.

  • All-in-One computers are not currently compatible with any client.

  • Windows 10 Only

  • CPU i5 or i7 recommended  - NO Atom, Celeron, Pentium, or Opteron Processors allowed

  • RAM of 4G or 8G

A Working Headset

  • USB headset with built in microphone

    • Logitech, Platronics, Microsoft, or similar brands recommended​


​Hardwired Telephone and Land Line

  • Select client(s) are now VoIP compatible.

  • We do not recommend having a land line installed until after you've completed the registration process and certified for the position.

  • Mobile Phones are not permitted to ensure a secure connection.

​High Speed Internet

  • WIFI is not permitted at any time; your computer must be plugged into a modem at all times when providing call center support. (Ethernet Cord)

Dedicated quite space with no interruptions.  

  • Customers shouldn't hear televisions, doorbells etc.


  • Internet Explorer and Chrome Internet Browsers

  • Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender Only


< See Requirements Aside

After successful Registration; the system and equipment requirements found here must be met. It is important to remember these are the minimum requirements needed to register and provide call center services. Certain client programs may have additional requirements above and beyond the ones outlined here. All individuals should review the Opportunity Announcement for the client program they are interested in servicing - in addition to this policy - prior to enrolling in school and submitting tuition funds.


Here is a scope of skills and experience recommended to ensure the project and your performance is completed accurately and proficiently; preferred but not required.

  • Prior call center and/or customer service experience preferred but not required

  • Confident, articulate, professional speaking abilities, and empathetic listener

  • Excellent verbal communication, listening skills, and excellent phone etiquette (Clear crisp speech)

  • Clear understanding of the English language as well as an ability to clearly communicate in the English language

  • Ability to remain professional and courteous with customers at all times

  • Excellent judgment and decision making skills

  • Ability to multitask efficiently between phones and computers

  • Enthusiasm and a strong goal-oriented work ethic

  • Ability to ask probing questions and overcome objections

  • High School Diploma preferred but not required

  • Ability to successfully pass a background check, drug screen, and certification course to become certified

  • Most importantly- The Willingness to Learn and excel

*Basic Computer Knowledge Highly Recommended

  • How to use a mouse and keyboard properly
  • How to Turn on/off the computer properly
  • Management of computer files and desktops
  • Create, save, name, and delete folders
  • Use of programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Multitask using multiple screens while surfing the web

At this time we do not provide services for individuals or vendors whom reside in the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Wisconsin.

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