"Small facts lead to great knowledge."

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions to help provide some clarity. 

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How does this work exactly?

SMS Virtual Solutions LLC is a family-owned and operated company based in North Carolina and Florida. Our goal is to help provide individuals, such as yourself, with work opportunities that best fit your needs and schedule while providing superior loyalty, protection, and assistance for both you and the clients we help staff with agents like yourself. We have built buisness relationships, or partnerships, with multiple platform providers to furnish additional support services and work opportunities for agent contractors and sole proprietors. Most of these individuals work remotely which allows them to provide call center services for client programs all over the United States where we have also earned an excellent reputation with happy customers. These individuals are located all throughout 43 US states, answering customer service calls for several Fortune 500 companies (such as Telecommunication Centers, Resorts, Spas, Hotels, Cruise Lines, Pharmacies, Book Stores, High End Dining Experiences, Online Shopping, Sporting Goods Stores, and Energy Providers) who outsource their calls using a digital Platform. Those Platforms then partner with business's such as SMS Virtual Solutions to not only staff the client's with service providers, but also provide a variety of advanced and experienced mentor-ship, support, and technical assistance when needed. Since this is a virtual career opportunity, everything is done through computers, land or VoIP lines, and secured internet access along with the clients programs and systems. Top fortune 500 companies want to cut down the cost of having several work locations or overseas agents. By doing so, it saves them on overhead expenses. Learn More about all the client's who are currently hiring agents by registering online and logging into your free account. Hear what others have to say about working with us here!

How do I know this is a legitimate opportunity?

While we understand there are many scams to "work from home" out there, rest assure that SMS Virtual Solutions only partners with award winning clients and platforms that also hold and maintain an A+ rating with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau proving that they are in fact a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. There are millions of contractors who have enjoyed providing these call center services for decades. In addition, SMS Virtual Solutions has provided professional support services to thousands of contractors working from home each year since 2013 and been awarded Premier Partner Status and Achievement of Excellence Status for several years running. We encourage you to learn more by reading our reviews:

Can I use a cell phone or tablet to take calls?

No; mobile phones, tablets, and iPads are neither compatible nor hard-wired. These devices work off a satellite signal causing it to be vulnerable and an unreliable source of service. Click Here for recommended equipment that is compatible with the programs and systems we use.

Is WIFI Internet allowed?

No; Wi-Fi works just like cellular and satellite devices. They're neither secure nor compatible with our systems, software, or programs. You will need to ensure your computer is hard-wired using an Ethernet cable. An ethernet cable is similar to a line which runs to your land lines however they're slightly larger. Once the ethernet cable is plugged into your computer and your internet modem, it is then considered Hard-Wired. These are more permanent/solid connected circuits. You can purchase these cables in your local store(s) such as Wal-Mart and Staples or online with eBay or Amazon. Simply search, "ethernet cable". You can find them rather cheap and all different lengths and colors!

Does it cost anything to get started?

This is the most common question asked among individuals such as yourself, especially in today's society. The Answer: You are contracted to provide services as a Certified, Client Support Professional (Independent Contractor). Per Law; As an Independent contractor, you are responsible for the equipment, supplies, and schooling associated with becoming certified for the client program. However, SMS Virtual Solutions does offer 'Give Away(s)' for a chance to win coupons (vouchers) and scholarship grants to have tuition fees reduced and/or paid for in full which allows people to become certified agents for little to nothing. Learn more about online certification and tuition assistance here. Below are 10 good reasons why being an independent contractor can be an awesome and rewarding work experience!

  1. FLEXIBILITY - As a contractor, you can have a very flexible work arrangement, especially if you're on a self-regulated schedule, working the hours you want and need. This also means that you can fit your schedule in with your lifestyle aspirations, deciding when the best time to work is.
  2. BE YOUR OWN BOSS - Contract work provides greater independence, it can give you more predictable control of your work, and for many people, greater job security than traditional full-time employment. However, you are responsible for your own taxes, contracts, benefits and vacations.
  3. MAINTAIN A GOOD WORK/LIFE BALANCE - Some contractors are able to work from home, have less commuting time, attend fewer meetings, and/or have fewer issues over office politics – amounting to less stress.
  4. EARN MORE MONEY - Being a contractor means you get paid for every hour of work you do, at the market rate. If your skills are in demand, your income could be high. If you're lucky enough to land on a team that desperately needs your urgent services, you may be able to take advantage of it at higher rates and even Client Incentives.
  5. BENEFITS AREN'T A PROBLEM - Even though a lot of people seem to think that full-time employment has the best benefits, that is not always the case. You can still get the benefits you want by contacting the same health and life insurance companies that employers use. Your contracted hourly rate reflects the fact that you have to buy your own benefits, and this gives you a chance to customize your benefits program to your own personal needs. Don't limit yourself to specific third party's, shop around and compare prices! (You may even find better rates!)
  6. TEST OUT A NEW FIELD OF EXPERTISE - Not sure about the contracted opportunity? You can test a new industry without committing yourself to a full-time job. If it doesn't work out, you can move on once the contract expires without it having a negative impact on your job history. In fact, completing contracted services helps your resume - especially if you're just now building one!
  7. START PART TIME - This can be appealing to young people just graduating from college, older individuals who want to experiment with a second or even third career, and even those in retirement who feel as if they're just not quite ready to hang things up. Again you can test it out and if you don't like it, service until your contract expires and move on to something else; never hurts to build on a resume.
  8. PERMANENT ISN'T IMPORTANT ANYMORE - There is no predictability in today's job market. Downsizing, upsizing and then downsizing again is common practice for some companies. You may prefer to have a set end-date (such as contracts) for your services and know when your work is going to end, so you can prepare for the next contract renewal or even another opportunity all together.
  9. EXPERIENCE! - Moving around jobs every few months is a good thing as you will get great project experience. You will get to learn new tools, meet new people, on new projects with different problems and solutions. Again, this will build up your resume and make you a more desirable contractor for the next job, and you don't always have to do the same job.
  10. CUSTOMIZE - You no longer have to depend on others to fix office issues or use those uncomfortable cubical chairs on top of freezing during the summer and overheating during the winter. Use your own tools and equipment that best fit your needs and set your home "office" to a degree that's comfortable for you and your locations season!
If these contractor benefits sound appealing, and you don't mind gaining new work experiences, you might not only have the right stuff to become an independent contractor, but you may find it to be the best way to work! Register online and get started here

How am I paid?

Agents have the option to be paid via Certified Check or Direct Deposit using the Payroll Form of their choice. Invoices are issued on a bi-weekly bassis. Revenue Deposits to compensate the services you provide are always made on the 1st and the 15th of each month. As an Independent Contractor, each individual has a choice as to which opiton best fits their needs. Individuals will begin generating an income once they have successfully completed the following steps:

  1. Register online
  2. Verify their identity
  3. Complete and pass a criminal background check
  4. Successfully complete and graduate the online certification course
  5. Provide call center services

Can I work from any location?

You can work from anywhere inside the United States except the following:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin
  • Guam
  • Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Virgin Islands

Are taxes taken out?

As an Independent Contractor you are also responsible for filing your own taxes. You will receive a 1099 form from SMS Virtual Solutions at the end of each calendar year. By law, we are required to report this to the IRS. We recommend speaking with a tax consultant once you receive your first invoice if you're unsure how to file. Tax Write Offs Include, but are not limited to:

  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Phone (Mobile or Home)
  • Phone App(s)
  • Computer expense's (such as a brand new computer or equipment)
  • The portion of your home used as your office
  • Platform and Service Usage Fee
  • Those servicing the Cruise Line Client Program may write off any cruise trips they take and recieve cruise discounts themselves
  • Those servicing the Resort or Dine Reservations Client Program located in Orlando Florida may write off any theme park tickets, hotel, dinning, flights, gas, and more
Speak with a tax consultant for additional write off's and/or discounts!

I'm having issues. What should I do?

Not registered yet:

  • Reach out to us by using one of the methods found here.
Already registered and have an account:
  • Log into your account then click the "Support" tab at the top of your dashboard. This will allow you to access technical support and start a live chat with a specialist.
  • If your questions aren't answered by the general responses, you can select "None of the Above" to be linked to a live agent in Admissions Support, Enrollment Support, or Tech Support. Please select the department most related to your issue. For example if you are having trouble enrolling in a client Enrollment Support.
  • If none of those options work, contact us here.
Keep in mind, you have access to technical support 24/7 once registered!

Platform Usage & Service Fee

What is a Platform Usage and Service Fee? It's important to know that this fee is not applied on individuals who are in the registration process or enrollment process nor on individuals who are not yet providing live call center services. Registering is free along with your private account and portal. Contractors incur a service fee once they begin using the platform services - immediately following their successful completion of their online certification. This fee is not negotiable and is required in order to obtain authorization and gain temporary access to major programs and systems used within the clients programs and systems for booking and billing purposes. Our low service fee varies from $0 to $30 and is charged for the infrastructure that the parties provide; this includes but not limited to:

  • 24-Hour Technical Support Services via Phone
  • 24-Hour Technical Support Services via Live Chat
  • Registration Support Services via Live Chat
  • Enrollment Support Services via Live Chat
  • Text to Chat Support Services Via Mobile Text Messaging
  • Registration Email Support Services
  • Enrollment Email Support Services
  • Admissions Email Support Services
  • Technical Email Support Services
  • Client Chat Performance Facilitator Support Services While On Calls
  • Quality Assurance Performance Facilitator Support Services along with our Support Company's knowledgeable and experienced Representatives.
Naturally, these support services cannot be provided without someone behind the screen being compensated to assist you since no one works for free. In addition, it also covers:
  • Temporary Access to The StarMatic® Scheduling System
  • Exclusive StarMatic® Scheduling Guide(s)
  • Exclusive StarMatic® Scheduling Video Support Guide(s)
  • Other Exclusive Guides To Success
  • Company Newsletters
  • Monthly Give Aways
  • Refer A Friend Incentives
  • Top Performer Spotlight Incentives
  • Client Program Update Notifications
  • Open Opportunity Notifications
  • Exclusive Text and Email Subscriptions
  • Client Incentive Offers for High Call Volumes
  • Priority Ticketing Resolutions
  • Private Membership account with easy access to invoices, documents, tools, guides and much more to ensure your ultimate success while working from home!
Why does the fee vary?
  • SMS Virtual Solutions offers exclusive referral incentives to reduce and/or cancel out these fees. Individuals who choose to participate earn a referral incentive for each month their referral provides call center services.
  • Simply referring one friend can earn you $300 just for bringing them aboard and another $30 for each month they continue to provide call center services!
How does this work? Here's an example:
  • John Doe registered, completed his online certification course, and began servicing live calls last month. He worked 40 hours each week for the past two weeks.
  • The tax client compensates him at $14.00 per hour. After servicing 40 hours each week (80 hours for this invoice cycle), he earned himself $1,120.
  • John previously referred 5 friends to us. Each of them completed the registration and certification process and serviced calls their first week. John earned $300 for each new agent he brought to us - this totals to $1,500 (5 x $300). In addition, he will earn $15 per invoice cycle for each referral that continues to service and take calls.
  • That pay cycle, John earned a total of $2,620 for services he provided and for referring his 5 friends ($1,120 hourly pay + $1,500 referral = $2,620).
  • If John were to service the exact same hours during the next invoice period and his friends continue to service, John will earn $1,195 on his next check which equals $3,815 for that month (with referrals).
Refer 1 Friend = $300 + $30 for each month they continue to provide call center services. Refer 2 Friends = $600 + $60 Refer 3 Friends = $900 + $90 and so on... Register online now to learn more about our referral program and incentives! Terms and Conditions may apply. See offer for complete details. Registrant does not have to actively service calls in order participate in our Refer-A-Friend Incentive Program.

Background Checks and Job Assessments

Individuals are required to submit to, and pass, a criminal background check in order to do business together. After you complete the registration process and select an opportunity, you will receive emails instructing you on how and when to complete the Background Check and Job Assessment(s). In some cases, a drug screening will be required. Failure to pass these may hinder your ability to proceed and work from home.

Why should I register with SMSVS?

Here at SMS Virtual Solutions, we are dedicated to helping individuals succeed to the best of their ability. We really do care about our team members and have proven we are here to provide ultimate support. While our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; we often respond to e-mails and texts throughout the weekend and after hours to insure they know they are not alone. Check out some of our reviews and hear what agents have to say about us here.

Do I need a Business License or Tax ID (EIN)?

No; If you are an individual seeking a job opportunity to work from home as an agent, you do not need a business license or tax identification number. Agents will need to provide their social security number for background screening and 1099 purposes however.