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Provide quality customer service over the phone for some of the world's largest Fortune 500 Companies with names you are sure to recognize. From Orlando theme parks and resorts to cruise lines, restaurants, book stores, timeshares,  home improvement stores, name brand clothing lines, sporting goods outlets, colleges, healthcare, and even pharmacy's!

Working from Home

The sooner you complete the registration process, the sooner you’ll be able to gain access to all these exciting opportunities— and the quicker you'll be able to earn money and enjoy all of the advantages that come with working from home too.

What to Expect

As a Certified Client Support Customer Service Agent with one of our partners, you would be responsible for providing assistance and resolving issues for clients or customers. Their main duties include: 


  •  Responding to customer inquiries: Handle incoming calls, emails, or chat messages from clients seeking assistance or information about products or services. 


  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving: Identify and resolve customer issues by asking relevant questions, analyzing problems, and providing appropriate solutions or workarounds. 


  • Providing product or service information: Have in-depth knowledge of the company's offerings and can effectively communicate features, benefits, and usage instructions to customers.

  • Processing orders or requests: Assist customers in placing orders, tracking shipments, or processing returns or exchanges.


  • Handling complaints or escalations: Address customer complaints or concerns in a professional and empathetic manner, aiming to find a satisfactory resolution and ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Documenting interactions: Maintain accurate records of customer interactions, including inquiries, complaints, and resolutions, in order to track trends and improve customer service processes. 

  • Collaborating with other teams: Work closely with other departments, such as sales, technical support, or billing, to ensure seamless customer experiences and resolve complex issues. 

  • Upselling or cross-selling (in some cases): May identify opportunities to promote additional products or services to customers, increasing sales and revenue for the company while also earning commission and/or incentives based on service agreement(s). 

  • Continuous learning and improvement: Stay updated on product knowledge, industry trends, and customer service best practices through school programs or certifications to enhance their skills and provide better support. 


Overall, a certified client support customer service agent plays a crucial role in maintaining positive customer relationships, resolving issues efficiently, and ensuring customer satisfaction. All of the things mentioned will also be taught and learned during the clients required online certification process. 

Four Simple Steps

Phone: (980) 64301601   Email:


Register Online and tell us about yourself


Verify your identity and get approved


Complete the job assessments and certify


Create your own work schedule and earn money

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